Door Profiling

Spence ‘Door Profiling’ service is a system of electronic measuring of frames to precisely capture and then manufacture doors to fit the frames with consistent gaps and pre-prepared for hinge, lock, and other hardware; with pin-point (to the millimeter) accuracy.

Door Profiling

The Advantages…

It’s just the advantage you have been looking for.

  • All door frames are site measured
  • Factory machined precision on door size & Prep
  • Saves time on installation – Saves labour costs
  • Reduced noise on installation
  • Reduction of damaged doors
  • Doors can be pre-finished
  • Professional finish – Guaranteed to fit

Essentially this offers doors ready for hanging, without the traditional length of time and mess made on site to shape and fit doors and cut out for hinging and hardware.

The benefits to fire doors alone (particularly in regard to certification issues) are enormous.

The further obvious benefit that arises is the ability to pre-finish doors prior to delivery (and installation).

Doors can be either pre-painted, or as a consequence of additional post-processing technology employed by Spence’s production facility; doors can be pre-finished in ‘non-paint’ options – laminates or other special finish paint alternatives, coupled with pre-finished edging that equates to a fully encapsulated door that requires no finishing at all, and virtually zero maintenance.

The traditional method of shaping a door on site to suit the door frame, and then the preparation of the door for hinges and lock has always prevented this.

Taking this aspect and pre-shaping and pre-prepping for hinges, lock and other ancillary door hardware at the factory end, prior to delivery makes this possible.

Imagine for example, replacing a door to a hotel room, where with pre-planning and the use of the Profiling system, the old door could be removed, and the new door could be hung and fitted off in the time that the hotel staff clean the room and change the linen – completed, and usable, in a fraction of the time it would usually take, and without waiting for the paint finish to dry (which would render the room unusable for that lengthy amount of time, not to mention new paint fumes).

The same huge benefits exist for new-build constructions. Doors manufactured and supplied as ‘Profiled’ can be Installed at the end of the project program, right before final clean if desired; and with considerable time saving to construction program.

Spence Profiling service is the future of door supply and installation; and that future is here now through Spence Doors