Internal Doors

Internal doors don’t just have to be functional – they can be stylish and practical Spence offer anything from budget hollow core, to solid core in both traditional and new lightweight core options, to routed / molded patterned or specialized non-paint option facings

Internal Doors

Internal doors can comprise of many different forms and shapes, often depending on the era and style of your building/home.

When choosing an internal door please select from one of the following door types:

Flush Panel

  • Hollow Core Doors
  • Solid Core Doors
  • Veneer Doors

Feature Doors

  • Panelled Doors

Routed Doors

  • Contemporary Routed Doors
  • Classic Routed Doors
  • Insertion Moulded Doors
  • Bolection Moulded Doors
  • State of the art technology is used in the routing procedure and gives the appearance of solid timber joinery doors complete with square corners.
  • Routed doors provide an excellent base on which to apply a high gloss paint finish.
  • We build to your individual design and size, or choose from our design range.
  • Produced to the same high standards as every Spence product.
  • Contemporary Routed Doors

    Spence’s contemporary doors are designed to compliment today’s modern interiors and decor.

    They are designed to inspire the imagination, not as a product range.

    Spence can manufacture any variation of these patterns or design a unique door to your requirements.

    Internal Door-Bevelled Edge Route

    10mm deep x 35mm wide Bevelled Edge Route.

    Internal Doors-Route or Square Channel

    6mm deep x 10mm wide ‘V’ Route or Square channel

    Classic Routed Door Profile

    Classic Routed Door Profile

    Here at Spence Doors we have found that these six doors are the most commonly used configurations, ranging from one to six panels.

    From these six doors you can choose from the router, bolection or insertion profiles to come up with a design that is appropriate for your application.

    Internal doors can be manufactured to standard designs, your own design, or to match existing doors, windows, or other architectural features.


    • cost-effective, attractive door.
    • endless design possibilities.
    • short-lead times.
    • will not shrink or open at joints.
    • laminated construction for strength and stability.
    • sharp right angle corners available.
    • wide range of sizes and thicknesses available.

    Door Face Options

    • MDF for painted finish.
    • veneered MDF for clear or stained finish.

    Insertion Mouldings

    Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Spence can cut virtually any pattern into a door. Doors will be routed on both faces, and complemented with bolection or insertion moulding. Routed profiles may be bevelled or curved and the corners will be sharp.

    Insertion Mouldings Diagam 1

    Insertion Mouldings Diagam 2

    Insertion Mouldings Diagam 3

    Bolection Mouldings

    A Bolection moulding projects beyond the face of a door, often rebated, especially when the meeting surfaces are at different levels.

    Produced to the same high standards as every Spence product, routed panel doors are an extremely effective means of achieving the look of a joinery door at a much lower cost.

    Bolection Moulding Diagram 1

    Bolection Moulding Diagram 2

    Bolection Moulding Diagram 3